Who is Ria?

Meet Ria Patel. Originally from London, 20-year-old Ria was a finance major at the University of St. Thomas and a 2015 graduate of the International School of Minnesota. She was a smart, charismatic, fun-loving girl who lit up any room she entered. Anyone that knew Ria will agree that she was one of a kind.

In the early morning of September 17, 2017, Ria was tragically killed in a vehicular homicide accident. As a result of this fatal accident, family and friends were left devastated. During this time of sorrow, the Ria Patel Foundation was formed as a way to keep her spirit alive. The Ria Patel Foundation aims to raise awareness of drunk and distracted driving by organizing various charity functions and public speaking events. Join us as we try to make a difference in memory of Ria.