Ria’s Life

From the day Ria was born, Ria and I were inseparable. We grew up together, went to the same primary school in London, moved to the United States and went to the International School where we graduated senior year together. For college we wanted to go to different schools, different states but when decision day came around we both independently decided to attend the University of St. Thomas together. Up until now we have done everything together like getting our nails done, going shopping every other weekend, doing homework together, making sure we had dinner together every day. One memory that I have that I will never forget during Year 1 (kindergarten) we got dropped off at school by my grandad and Ria started crying because she didn’t want to go school, she didn’t have any friends so she would hold the back of my t-shirt and follow me around and play with my friends and I. As we grew older I started to realize that my friends are her friends and her friends are my friends and that she started to like going to school. At UST, Ria was probably one of the most popular girls around because of her outgoing personality and her ability to make friends with anyone and everyone. I’m sad to see her gone but I know her beautiful smile and personality will live in us and she will continue to look down at us and bless us from above. You lived a short and happy life. May your soul Rest In Peace and I will try to live my life the best I can for the both of us and tell you all about it when I see you again, I love you Ria.

-Raveena Patel (Sister/Cousin/Best Friend)